Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Arise, miffed shoppers.

Further to my milk rant, I was chatting with my friend Sarah last night about supermarkets and she shared her deliberate semi-rebellion with me. She hardly ever goes to the supermarket anymore, she shops a lot at the local deli around the corner. She says it's not a lot more expensive if you are only shopping for 2 people. And a bonus is that she knows the shopkeepers and gets a smile when she walks past. Also, she shops a little bit and often, basically popping in a getting exactly what she needs for each meal, one onion, one chicken breast, some fresh pasta etc. More freshness and less wastage.

I'm not surprised if it would work out not costing a lot more, because I know the independent butcher is cheaper than Coles meat, plus you can ask for a specific portion, not a half kilo package or whatever. Not to mention the cheap fruit shops at Kingsford. And the vietnamese bakery.

So my feeling is that if I avoided the supermarket I'd mainly be missing the tinned food, the freezer section and the junk food. I feel a challenge coming on! No Supermarket September!

KESC sunday special

The next Kingsford Eat Street Challenge is on a Sunday! This way we hope to be able to revisit ABCafe.
1pmSunday 11 September
Regent Hotel
416-418 Anzac Parade, Kingsford, NSW

Free pool and jukebox all day on Sundays!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Milk monopoly.

I recently switched back from soy milk to cow milk, and wow a lot has changed in a couple of years. I remember standing at the milk bay looking at all the different sorts of milk and which ones were on special. Today, the entire bay is stacked with no name milk which is all cheap. Off on one end just next to the soy milk are a couple of Dairy Farmers milks. I remember hearing that there was a price war, but I am surprised that the shelf space has been so aggressively stacked. I think I'm going to be a rebel about this now and avoid buying no name milk. I mean, there's healthy competitive undercutting, and there's shoving your massive greedy duopoly in my face.

Friday, August 26, 2011

I like cold toast

Well, maybe not cold, but cooled-down toast, or room temperature toast. I like being able to spread butter on it, and eating it with the butter unmelted. It tastes better that way and I think you end up spreading less butter on because it doesn't soak through the bread.

Egg yolks, folks.

I do not like them plain and hard-boiled, in my moon cakes or zongzis (sorry Grandma! Still love your zongzis regardless!!).

I like them runny, thoroughly incorporated with other food, mashed with mayo, in mayo, as curried eggs, in cakes, desserts and custard.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Good old banana days.

I quite like this new facebook thing. You go "wow, was that a whole year ago!" and in this case "wow, those were golden days for bananas".

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


It's a weird saying, to "get keelhauled". I never knew it was an actual thing! You do it on boats. You apparently get tied to a chair or just dropped over the side tied to a rope, then you're dragged around the outside of the boat, bumping against the side of the boat and being scratched by barnacles, and getting half drowned depending on the generosity of the rope-holders. How did I not know about this? Here is proof from wikepedia.

Thanks 702 radio, your segment on "ways you have been punished" was very interesting.

I'm getting obsessed with bundts.

Of all things. So I'm going to buy a tin. No real reason to share this with you, but random oversharing is what obsession leads to.